Work Completed

    • Continued working on getting eAIRS to run on the HPC machine Ember since Abe/Lincoln are retired. I was able to successfully run a job using both eAIRS and a really simple PTPFlow Cyberintegrator executor. I added a plug-in that lets a user specify a PTPFlow workflow and then launch the job using the ptpflow engine, which submits the job to an RMI endpoint. I will continue with this work next week to make this more general.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Opened and resolvedCBI-373, an issue with the command line not properly validating executables if you browse for one. It was not calling validate. This is fixed.
    • Resolved CBI-358, a bug reported that if you create a new workflow and make a tool, the data won't show up properly and the data will disappear. Also, the workflow name was lost. This appears fixed with some updates I've made over the past few weeks. We can reopen if the issue recurs.
    • Resolved CB-36, ability to remove multiple tools/datasets from the tools/data view. I also moved some actions to commands because of a weird UI glitch I was running into mixing commands/actions. It turns out the glitch was caused by the command not having an icon, but the actions are now commands as they should be. This issue does not deal with the implication of what should be done if tools/data are deleted (e.g. should a workflow get updated?) since the data/tool are simply marked deleted. We should open a new issue that defines what the appropriate behavior should be for each view effected.
  • Medici
    • Attended staff meeting. Issues to look into: internationalization with 1 properties file per plug-in, unassigned issues and remaining 1.2 issues)
    • Internationalization with 1 properties file per plug-in deviates from Eclipse best practice, but does not present a problem. We now have a way forward if internationalization is required
    • Users view renaming needs to be reverted (MMDB-839) because it is not a Users view, it is a view that groups data based on menu selection with the ability to add more groupings in the future. This view currently has two menu items, it can show the number of datasets per user or show the number of datasets by tag. We need to come up with a better name/icon for this view.
    • Reopened and resolved MMDB-1141, multiple error popups when disconnecting from a context. The "Users" and "ContextDebugView" do not properly handle disconnecting. This is fixed and the issue is again closed

Work Planned

    • Work on getting eAIRS to run on the HPC Machine Ember since Abe/Lincoln are retired.
    • Work on getting eAIRS to run using Cyberintegrator launching a PTPFlow job for the eAIRS specific case and then the general case of running a ptpflow workflow.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Continue working on CI Jira issues, specifically supporting delete for tools/workflows/datasets.
    • Continue working on commenting on the UI and making recommendations for future work.
  • Medici
    • Attend Monday Staff meeting
    • Finish up assigned desktop issues for 1.2


This week went as planned. I took a personal day on Friday May 20th.