Work Completed

  • General
    • Attended Tupelo code review meeting using google chat.
    • Started looking at creating a Cyberintegrator executor for PTPFlow workflows.
    • Worked through an issue I had trying to run ptpflow workflows using my renewed grid account/cert with the new HPC machines and PTPFlow. I was getting a "cert expired" error. After working with Al, the cert expired issues is resolved and this week I'll continue working on running eAIRs on different HPC machines since Abe/Lincoln are retired. Once this is finished I can finish my first attempt at a CI executor running a ptpflow workflow job.
    • Reviewed security documents and architecture documents that Jong prepared based on our meeting (May 4th) and his meeting with Jim Basney last week.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Looked at internationalization with 1 properties file per plug-in. It is possible, but one problem with this is repeated class names. The recommended best practice for internationalization is to use the class name + key for the static string (e.g. MyClass.KEY1 in the properties file); however if there are two MyClass files, then I must deviate from this best practice and do something different. Essentially deviating from one best practice (1 properties file per package) might force you to violate a second best practice (Class name + Key).
  • Medici
    • Attended staff meeting. Tasks include looking over unassigned task list, role enforcement on the desktop and internationalization with 1 properties file per plug-in.
    • Resolved MMDB-1163, remove unnecessary eclipse contributions to the UI. I also created a new category, Debug, for two Bard views (RDF XML and Debug). Those were the last two views listed as questionable in MMDB-845, check that all views are implemented and useful (done by Joel). Those views are useful, but I believe categorizing them as Debug helps the user realize they are more advanced. We can probably close MMDB-845 unless something different should be done with those views.
    • Worked on MMDB-1164, enforce "ViewData" permission. This is mostly done, except that we should decide if the GroupedView should enforce a permission that limits who can view registered user accounts. As an anonymous user, it doesn't seem right that I can see all registered accounts on a server. We probably want to limit this. If not, then this issue is finished.
    • Resolved MMDB-1138, current medici server wasn't displayed. I added this to the status line.
    • Looked over unassigned issues. I updated the assignment/fix versions for issues I knew about or had reported.

Work Planned

    • Work on creating Cyberintegrator executor to run eAIRS as a PTPFlow tool.
    • Test running eAIRS using the renewed teragrid account. With Abe/Lincoln retiring, we'll need to test to make sure everything is running with different HPC machines and with our renewed account.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Look at internationalization for CI/Medici projects to see feasibility of 1 properties file per plug-in
  • Medici
    • Attend Monday staff meeting.
    • Work on Medici desktop client tasks. From the staff meeting, there were a few issues I needed to look at (see above).


This week went as planned. I spent more time this week on Medici to finish off some issues in the desktop client and cleaning up some unwanted UI contributions from Eclipse plug-ins.