Work Completed

  • MAEviz
    • Finished documenting step by step the process of creating a new analysis on the MAEviz wiki in the Documentation section under Tutorials.
    • Drove to Champaign on Wednesday May 4th, spent the day discussing Cyberintegrator/DSE with Jong/Luigi/Rob. The meeting was very productive and I believe we have a way forward to use those technologies along with PTPFlow in the KISTI project.
    • Worked on and successfully ran eAIRS executable as a command line tool using Cyberintegrator. This should allow us to quickly put together a demo of eAIRS running as a web application using the DSE project.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Worked on CBI-101, Basic delete is in place for all except step. It's not clear where this should take place and how the various views should respond to delete events. Should workflow with deleted tools be updated? What should they display in the workflow graph view if a tool is marked as deleted? Right now the tools view does not display deleted tools, the data view doesn't display deleted data and the workflows view doesn't display deleted workflows. I have commented about this on the issue for further clarification.
    • Resolved CBI-370. MimeMap was not being initialized properly since a Context was no longer available when Cyberintegrator started. This initialization had to be moved to when a context was set (previously was located inside Activator start method).
    • Resolved CBI-372, a helios bug involving Eclipse p2, exported product files would display an error about the p2 service not being initialized when the application first launched (windows and linux). This can be fixed by specifying start levels for a few plug-ins. The fix is checked in.
    • Added Cyberintegrator text image to login screen to make the login screen more like Medici's and more polished. This was done as part of CBI-363.
    • Resolved CBI-371, updated the about screen with updated links and text.
  • Medici
    • Attended staff meeting
    • Resolved MMDB-1072. Worked with Joe after he implemented an anonymous role on backend server. After a few modifications, we successfully got the anonymous role working on the desktop.
    • Put together wiki page on internationalization options for Medici/Cyberintegrator and future CET projects.
    • Made notes about each remaining desktop issue assigned to me. None are high priority.
      • MMDB-1146 is in regards to the login screen potentially saving more than 1 server address to make it easier to switch between servers. Some thought would have to be given about how this works, how users can clear this out (e.g. if it is saving an erroneous login attempt).
      • MMDB-1145 is one I cannot seem to reproduce again. It involved switching between contexts and an error message popping up if the last selected subject could not be found. I will have to dig a little more and see if I can get this issue to show up or close this issue.
      • MMDB-1065 add tag wizard. This is just cosmetic. We could use a wizard instead of an input dialog to do tagging. It would allow us to tap into the eclipse help mechanism if we wanted to.
      • MMDB-1064 is internationalization. We simply need to pick a method (I documented this on Medici's wiki) and start externalizing strings.

Work Planned

  • MAEviz
    • Finish documenting process of creating a new MAEviz analysis
    • Meet with Jong/Rob/Luigi on Wednesday May 4th to discuss Cyberintegrator and DSE technologies and how they might be used in the KISTI project
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Continue working on Cyberintegrator issues. Primary focus will be working on delete for tools/datasets/steps/workflows, CBI-101 and getting all views to be synchronized after this occurs and making sure no bugs are introduced. This can be checked in shortly with the understanding that what should happen to certain views is still a work in progress (e.g. does a workflow graph remove deleted tools?).
  • Medici
    • Attend Monday 10am staff meeting
    • Finish Anonymous login for desktop once backend provides role support


This week went as planned.