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Working with HPC environment

Working with PTPFlow

Developer Documentation

Architecture & Software Development

Architecture Version 1.0

KNSG Architecture Version 1.0

Architecture Version 2.0

Core Framework and Ontology
User Interface and Analysis Framework
REST API documentation

Software Development

Setup Cyberintegrator Development Environment
Setup KNSG Development Environment
Creating a New Application

UI design

Web App: eAirs Mock Up by KISTI
Web App: Updated eAirs Mock Up by KISTI (V2.2.1)
Eclipse RCP app: eAIRS 0.1 Mockup

eAIRS related

2D solver metadata
Solver filters (in Korean)


Installing PTPFlow from RCP Application
Deploying PTPFlow middleware
Setting up Cyberintegrator Server
Setting up Semantic Content Repository
Setting up Semantic Content Repository Server
Setting up NFS between webserver and semantic content repository

User Documentation

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