Work Completed

    • Talked with Rob to get ideas on how to proceed with getting Trebuchet to run as a command line tool in Cyberintegrator and outputing what the next step in the workflow needs
    • Finished first version of Trebuchet as a command line tool to stage files to HPC. There is still work remaining to get each users certificate to the machine that runs the Trebuchet tool. The next step is to discuss whether ptpflow should be a Java tool or a special Cyberintegrator tool. I will need to discuss this with Rob and Jong.
    • The KISTI RMI service is up and needs to be tested. I did not get to this.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Added issue CBI-378. We need more preview types to cover more dataset types. I also made it so that if no preview was found, it would default to the "Default Preview" which displays a "no preview found" image and the basic dataset information (date, author, etc).
    • Added issue CBI-377. It would be helpful if the popup dialogs for the command line options page could indicate what is required and what is optional, if possible. Certain fields seem to be required since without them, the OK button will not enable.
    • Looked into issue CBI-159. I could not reproduce the bug where adding/removing inputs/outputs/parameters caused a UI glitch. I commented on the issue looking for more information, possibly steps to reproduce.
    • Worked on CBI-28. I added a busy indicator to the import process.
    • Tested ContextServer GUI application, no issues setting up a new context, connecting and uploading data.
  • Medici
    • Attended Monday staff meeting via skype
    • Updated user guides with information about each perspective and links to pages that discuss each view. I need to add screenshots and the information about each view (currently just empty placeholder pages).
    • Found and fixed MMDB-1178. Desktop search view did not handle being disconnected properly, it still made an attempt to search.
    • Found and fixed MMDB-1179. MyDatasets view displayed a popup menu even when nothing is or can be selected. The declarative code for when to display the menus was not correct.

Work Planned

    • Continue working on eAIRS workflow, including Trebuchet as a command line tool to stage files.
    • Open Jira entries to track design and implementation work that needs to be done for each tool.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Continue working on Cyberintegrator Jira issues
  • Medici
    • Attend 10am Staff meeting June 20th
    • Continue working on User guides and debugging Desktop application


This week went as planned. I took a personal day on Friday June 24, 2011