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Welcome! The goal of this page is to give you a brief overview of the Software Directorate, including various links for more information on specific topics.

Information relating to Human Resources may be found at the Human Resources Home wiki.

Key points of contact throughout the center on here: NCSA Help

You should also be aware of the Professional Development program:

Finally, there is also a fund of $100 annually for professional memberships related to your work. Ask your manager about this if you would like to learn more.

Learn More about the Software Directorate (SD)

NCSA Software - a wiki overview of the directorate.

Software - our page on the NCSA website

Within SD, there are 5 groups:

Each new hire joins a specific group for management purposes, but you may work on projects in other areas based on your skills and what our current activities are.


Your manager will work with HR and IT to ensure you have the equipment you need to work. Based on this, you will be provided equipment that has been set up by IT. Contact us if you have specific requests or needs that we may be able to help with. 

The email for general IT requests is

Printer Setup

Linux users may find the Linux workstation guide for NCSA employees useful.

Virtual Workspaces and Resources

We use various virtual workspaces to work together as a team. These include Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, Box, and more. Below, please find some information on getting started with these.


As with virtual workspaces, your supervisor should make you aware of any meetings you need to attend. Coordinate with them and/or Lisa Yanello to ensure you are invited and have the appropriate dial-in information.

Report Time Off

  1. To request time off, confirm with your manager
  2. Once approved, update your personal calendar (Outlook) and the directorate calendar (link)
  3. Email to notify the directorate of the dates of your upcoming time off. Include "OOO" in your subject line. This way, people are aware of your upcoming time off.
  4. At the end of the pay period, report any vacation or sick leave(link). Biweekly staff/Academic Hourly must turn in biweekly timesheets (link). Also remember to enter your time in Positive Time Reporting (PTR), as required by the state. (link)
  5. Enjoy!


Here is a list of tutorials on various services that different members of SD use.


Everything below this point is left over from the previous version of this document, and has not yet been integrated. Some of this information may be helpful to you!

Setting Up Your Computer

Please make sure your name is added to the Equipment list - and your computer information is recorded: Equipment

  • note as of June 2021 - this does not appear to be actively maintained - KN

Make sure the following programs are loaded:

Login Accounts and what they work for:

ncsa vpn ==  ncsa password (kerberos/internal)

ncsanet == illinois password (is managed by illinois)

illinoisnet == illinois password

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