Welcome to NCSA!  

This page was designed to get you the help you need as a first time user here!  Below are links to help pages that we believe you will find useful as a new users at NCSA, as well as the contact information of our Desktop Support Team.

Getting Started:

Connecting to IllinoisNet:

If you need wireless access, we recommend that you connect to the campus-provided IllinoisNet.  To get this setup follow the instructions here.  Anyone in the Desktop Support Team can also assist you with connecting to the network.  To use this network you will need to know your University of Illinois NetID and Password.

Accounts at NCSA:

When joining NCSA you are going to have possibly 4 different accounts that you will need to use, while they can share a password, they do not start with the same password.  For questions about which account you use where you can also ask the Desktop Support Team.  It is helpful if you already know your usernames and hopefully passwords when you see them.  The different possible accounts are listed below in the "Help Links" Section.

Desktop Support Team

Our Desktop Support Team is available to assist with any technology problems or questions you may be having.  We are available through email, by phone, or you are welcome to stop by Room 4042.

Brandon Carswell



If you are having problems with getting IT Services at NCSA the fist place to try is the Desktop Support Team.  If you cannot find them and this page did not help, then you can send an e-mail to help@ncsa.illinois.edu and a ticket will be created for a group that can assist you.  If you are not getting a response or your problem requires immediate results, you can also contact Doug Fein (dfein@ncsa.illinois.edu), manager of the IT Services Group.

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