Work Completed

  • MAEviz
    • Answered questions from the Synergy project about the MAEviz attenuations
    • Reviewed RESTlet wiki pages ( and worked through short tutorials. I also started reading a book I have on RESTful Web Services to get a better understanding of REST.
    • Met with Jong using google chat to discuss the KISTI project.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Opened and Resolved CBI-367 - Remove unnecessary wizard contributions that allowed users to create contexts in Cyberintegrator, this should all happen through the Context Server or elsewhere.
    • Opened CBI-368 - it could be useful to add a refresh action to the Context View in Cyberintegrator so users can pull updates.
    • Created a cquery for the ContextServer so they can be added to Jenkins for continuous build.
    • Continued testing Cyberintegrator using the new ContextServer provided context and updating areas that were still listening for ContextBeanUtil to send update events.
  • Medici
    • Fixed MMDB-1041 - Gallery Widget display code. I could not exactly reproduce the issue described (out of bounds), but there was an issue with refreshing the view properly after disconnecting from a context and the paged list relied on object equals to remove items. There were cases where object equals failed on two equal objects. I changed this to check URIs for equality.
    • General testing of Medici Desktop.

Work Planned

    • Review architecture of RESTlet and work through some short tutorials
    • Meet with Jong to discuss KISTI project
  • Cyberintegrator/Medici
    • Create cquery files for ContextServer GUI/Headless so they can be added to the continuous build
    • Continue working on Cyberintegrator issues in Jira and testing the new ContextServer provided context.
    • Finish any remaining Medici desktop bugs
    • Test Medici Desktop for release.


This week went as planned. I took half a personal day on Friday April 15th.