Work Completed

  • MAEviz
    • Went through my MAEviz archives and sent Jong some presentation material on MAEviz temporary housing that he requested.
    • Met with Jong to discuss KISTI project
    • Created a wiki page outlining the eAIRS workflow and a possible bean structure to capture the workflow information with Tupelo. We intend to meet with Rob/Luigi to discuss this and get their insight into capturing a PTPFlow workflow with a set of beans and see if my bean structure is reasonable.
    • Continued working with RESTlet. I have a semi-functioning RESTlet version of Medici's upload blob servlet. I am using that servlet to restlet conversion to gain a better understanding of how RESTlet works.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Resolved CBI-369, adding missing icons for views and actions
    • Resolved CBI-368, add refresh commands for views
    • Resolved CBI-363, CBI-365. CBI-363 involved users logging in from within the cyberintegrator and CBI-365 was a sub-task where context listener support needed to be added to the Workflow class and used everywhere ContextBeanUtil was used to listen for context updates. All views should now be getting context update events from the Workflow class.
    • Worked on CBI-362, checking for null values when a Context isn't connected (ToolGraphView was not expecting null values).
    • Worked on CBI-111, improving Info view workflow description. I updated this view to show more information similar to the Medici Info view. There is still some tweaking to be done.
    • Resolved CBI-109, moved the annotations view to the bottom tabbed pane so as not to confuse it with the Annotation tab located in the Info view.
  • Medici
    • Resolved MMDB-1156, collection info page had a few gray-background labels on a white background (toolkit.createLabel was not being used).

Work Planned

    • Meet with Jong to discuss project
    • Create wiki page describing eAIRS workflow and possible tupelo bean structure for review
    • Continue working with RESTlet to understand designing RESTlets.
  • Cyberintegrator/Medici
    • Work on Cyberintegrator UI Review
    • Work on Jira issues for Cyberintegrator, specifically improving the Info view (CBI-111), adding icons for views/commands and adding refresh options for views that might need to pull updates.
    • Work on last remaining issues for Medici and test to find bugs.


This week went as planned.