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  • Committee for Research and Education at NCSA (CREN)
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CREN Members 

First NameSurnameemailWebAssistDepartmentCollege

 Laura OwenAstronomyCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
NarayanAlurualuru@illinois.eduWeb Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Engineering
RohitBhargavarxb@illinois.eduWeb Biochemical imagingCollege of Engineering
CatherineBlakeclblake@illinois.eduWeb GSLISGSLIS
BillCopebillcope@illinois.eduWeb Education PolicyCollege of Education
LynneDearborndearborn@illinois.eduWeb School of ArchitectureCollege of Fine and Applied Arts
WilliamGroppwgropp@illinois.eduWeb Computer ScienceCollege of Engineering
StevenLumettalumetta@illinois.eduWeb ECE/CSLCollege of Engineering
JeffMoorejsmoore@illinois.eduWeb Materials Science / BeckmanCollege of Engineering


Kim Johnson


 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
DougSimpsondgs@illinois.eduWeb StatisticsCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
TedUnderwood tunder@illinois.eduWeb EnglishCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
ShaowenWangshaowen@illinois.eduWeb Geography and GIS, School of Earth Society and EnvironmentCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Planned Meeting Schedule

  • Meeting 1: September 4, 2014
  • Meeting 2: Topic 1 - Middle of September (Sep 15-18)

  • Meeting 3: Topic 2 - End of September (Sept 22-26)

  • Meeting 4: Topic 3 - End of October (Oct 20-23)

  • Meeting 5: Discuss draft report, initial findings - Start of December (Dec 1-5)

  • Meeting 6: Discuss final report - End of January/First week of semester (Jan 21-29) 

  • Meeting 7: Report out - Early  February (Feb 9-13)

Meeting 1: September 4th

  • Call in number:
    +1 217 332 6338
    +1 312 994 8410
    +1 888 983 3631
    Conference ID: 6153605

  • Agenda
    1. Introductions, review committee charge
    2. NCSA Director, Ed Seidel: NCSA current status and vision.
    3. NCSA Assoc Director: Gabrielle Allen: Plan for research and education, thematic areas, faculty.
    4. Discussion; sample questions for committee; identification of critical topics.
    5. Plan for future meetings, wiki space for communication.











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