Work Completed

    • Revised KISTI final report on Saturday October 29th and sent my revisions to Jong for final adjustments before submission.
    • Attended Staff meeting
    • Split Browse and Search into separate views. I also added a temporary Lucene index that gets built when eAIRS-web starts to provide search capabilities for published workflows. This still needs to be expanded so that when a new workflow is published it needs to get added to the index. We also should have something more permanent so the lucene index doesn't always need to get regenerated.
    • Updated Simulation Monitoring view's download button to call the REST endpoing that Jong created for downloading workflow outputs as a zip. Luigi helped correct some minor bugs in both the front-end and back-end code.
    • Tested eAIRS-web to make sure everything was working for the KISTI demo. Once this was complete, I recorded an end-to-end screencast highlighting the features implemented so far.

Work Planned

    • eAIRS-web Search and Browse need to be split into separate views and the UI and backend still need work. For the demo we should add a lucene index that gets built on startup based on what is found in the repository.
    • Look into a bug that causes the last run workflow to be seen in the Browse published workflow views.
    • Update Simulation Monitoring view download button to call out to the REST service to download the output data for that workflow
    • Test eAIRS-web functionality and Record video demo of eAIRS-web
    • Attend Staff meeting at 10am on October 31.
    • Revise KISTI final report over the weekend (October 29th)


This week went as planned.