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Work Completed

    • Helped answer questions that Dr. Nam had using ptpflow. I edited his test script and tested running it on Ember.
    • Worked on KNSG-107, design ptpflow tool. I am currently testing using JAX-B to package information for a workflow tool (similar to how Rob uses JAX-B for matlab and external tools) so I can store as xml the ptpflow script and information needed to launch it (e.g. which RMI endpoint). I need to discuss with Rob and Jong my implementation to see if I should proceed down this path or if there is a way to make ptpflow a generic Java tool to avoid having a ptpflow executor.
  • Cyberintegrator
  • Medici
    • Tested the Medici desktop client. I found and fixed MMDB-1191. I also noted an improvement for the login portion of the client, MMDB-1192. A client that is not authorized to use the desktop client fails in the same way that a bad u/p fails, this is bad. A user could keep trying endless passwords not realizing their account type does not have access to the desktop client. There needs to be a way to tell the user they aren't authorized to use the desktop client.
    • Resolved MMDB-1176, welcome page is not displayed. All that remains is to add links to the user guide when it's.
    • Tested Medici web client and reported MMDB-1180, upload hands after a few datasets. Desktop client does not display same issues so it must be with the web portion of the upload.
    • Attended June 27th Medici Staff Meeting and June 29th Medici Testing meeting.

Work Planned

    • Continue working on PTPFlow tool design
    • Help Dr. Nam and Yong Wook Kim as needed
  • Cyberintegrator
  • Medici
    • Test Medici Desktop client
    • Test Medici Web client
    • Attend Medici staff meeting on Monday June 27, 2011.


This week went as planned. I did not get to cyberintegrator this week due to the short week and the Medici release testing. I took a personal day on Friday July 1, 2011.