Work Completed

    • Met with Jong using google chat to discuss KISTI project and received some tasks to accomplish
    • Looked over Dr. Nam's test code and provided instructions on how to get the PTPFlow RMI Test client working as a runnable jar
    • Added isse KNSG-108, design parameter generation tool. I started looking into designing the parameter generation tool that will be required for the workflow
    • Tested launching jobs using kist.ncsa tupelo server and the kisti.ncsa rmi service. The tupelo repository works fine for me, but I could not get a job to run on the RMI service. I will try more testing this week to determine the cause.
  • Cyberintegrator
    • None
  • Medici
    • Attended Medici Testing meeting. Several issues/improvements were identified and below is a list of those that were resolved for 1.2
    • Resolved MMDB-1194, bigger default size for desktop application so welcome screen shows without scroll bars
    • Resolved MMDB-1195, move server pulldown to the top of the login screen
    • Resolved MMDB-1196, make Data Browse perspective the default
    • Resolved MMDB-1197, allow users to move views in perspectives
    • Resolved MMDB-1198, align metadata fields in Info view
    • Resolved MMDB-1199, center preview in Info view
    • Resolved MMDB-1200, change "contributor" for collection Info view to "Collection creator" to make it more clear
    • Resolved MMDB-1204, add on enter listener to search text field to avoid pressing search button
    • Resolved MMDB-1208, add Info view to Import perspective
    • I will be closing MMDB-1206 because I think this was a permissions issue making add tag/comment not work/show as anonymous.

Work Planned

    • Meet with Jong to discuss KISTI project
    • Start testing Tupelo repository and RMI endpoint
    • Work on Parameter generation tool for eAIRS
    • Work on issue Dr. Nam is having with exporting Jars for testing his PTPFlow Client
  • Cyberintegrator
  • Medici
    • Attend Medici Testing meeting at 10am on July 5
    • Fix bugs/issues found during Medici Testing


This was a short week, but it went as planned. Monday July 4th was a holiday and I took personal days on Thursday July 7 and Friday July 8.