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Provisioning Tutorial Video



Please see the DTI Readiness Checklist to ensure you are ready to begin provisioning. You must be able to access a C3 Cluster to complete any of the steps on this page.

Please contact if you can't access your c3 tenant/tag.

COVID-19 Data Lake Provisioning

To deploy the COVID-19 Data Lake to your tenant/tag, please clone the base COVID-19 package located here. Then, following either of the methods below, provision the 'baseCovidDatalake' package from the dtiTraining subdirectory.

Provisioning Methods

There are two methods to provision a package:

  1. Via a web-based provisioner in a tenant/tag's static console.
  2. Via C3 AI command line interface (CLI), which enables developers to provision code without a web-browser.

Web Provisioner

After accessing your tenant/tag you should see a page like the following:


And here is the provisioner after a failure:

Command Line Provisioner

See Installing the C3 command line tool.


Code Block
[dti/mkrafczyk] Created 2.56Kb ZIP of one package in 0.0s
[dti/mkrafczyk] Server Warnings:
{fileUrl:"meta://dtiTraining/repository.json",lineNum:0,colNum:0,severity:"WARNING",message:"Wrong server version, current version is: '7.12.13' but expected version matching: ''"}
{fileUrl:"meta://c3aiDataLake/repository.json",lineNum:0,colNum:0,severity:"WARNING",message:"Wrong server version, current version is: '7.12.13' but expected version matching: ''"}
{fileUrl:"meta://server/uiFramework/src/changeLog-uiFramework.c3doc",lineNum:3,colNum:0,severity:"WARNING",message:"Unknown documentation category 'Change Log'.",listenerType:"DocumentationTopicListener"}
{fileUrl:"meta://server/webdriverProtocol/src/changeLog-webdriverProtocol.c3doc",lineNum:3,colNum:0,severity:"WARNING",message:"Unknown documentation category 'Change Log'.",listenerType:"DocumentationTopicListener"}
[dti/mkrafczyk] Provisioning completed with some warnings (2020-08-19T17:05:13.116-05:00)
Time taken: 1m 34.145s

After Provisioning

  • If you're using the JavaScript static console to interact with your package, refresh your browser tab or execute the command 'c3ImportAll()'. Once completed, all code in your tenant/tag (e.g., Types, metrics, seed data) should be updated to match your new package.
  • If you're using the C3 AI Jupyter service you may need to restart the Jupyter interface.
  • If you're connected to C3 AI Suite through a remove python or Jupyter session, you will need to re-run the cell which creates the `c3` object.


Provisioning can fail for many reasons. We list here some common errors along and how to fix them. If provisioning fails, C3 AI Suite will return your tenant/tag to its last working state.

If your problem isn't listed here, please contact us at so we can help you out. If your problem is common enough, it'll be added to the list here.

ActionError: MetadataPackage workflow doesn't exist

This means the provisioner can't find the package you specified. Ensure the package name you give the provisioner matches the 'name' field of your 'package.json' file.