Before trying to participate in a C3DTI webinar or logging onto your C3 AI environment, complete this checklist to ensure you're ready to go!

If you can't do any of the following steps, email your primary C3DTI contact and immediately. We'll work to resolve your issue!

  1. Can you access C3 AI DTI Training Materials?
    • You're reading this so YES!
  2. Can you access C3 AI Developer documentation?
    • If you can navigate to this page then that's a YES!
  3. Can you access C3 AI Academy training materials?
    • If you can navigate to this page then that's a YES!
  4. Have you created a C3 AI Community account?
    • Navigate to this page and create an account. This is often the quickest way to get answers to questions directly from C3 AI staff. Additionally, others may have already answered your question.
  5. Have you been assigned a C3 AI training tag?
    • We strongly recommend to all researchers that they go through some of the C3 AI Training courses as early as possible. In particular, we suggest the completion of the C3 AI Cornerstone Course and C3 AI Development Core Course. These will provide you with a comprehensive view of C3 terminology and architecture, allowing you to interact with the underlying infrastructure where the entire Data Science platform (C3 AI Suite) lives.
    • After finishing the C3 AI Cornerstone Course, you will be directed to the Readiness Assessment of the C3 AI Development Core Course. Passing this test will allow you to request a training tag, which basically contains the address of the partition of the C3 AI Suite that you will be using to explore the Development Core, which is highly "hands-on".
    • If you have problems requesting a tag, please email your primary DTI contact and
  6. Can you access your C3 Cluster?
    • Once you have a Vanity URL, try to access it.
      • Can you access https://<vanity-url>/static/console?

If you have issues with any of these steps, please email us at describing what item you were not able to complete.

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