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Developing Semantically-aware and Web-enabled KNSG Application Framework

NCSA and KISTI have developed a prototype non domain-specific platform called KNSG (KISTI-NCSA Science Gateway) Application Framework for building domain-specific HPC applications. The Application Framework provides a core set of reusable components for building new applications as demonstrated by eAIRS RCP. eAIRS RCP uses the framework for setting up and submitting HPC jobs on both Teragrid and KISTI supercomputing resources and then monitors the job progress through job monitoring components provided by the framework.

This project will enhance the KNSG Application Framework by pursuing the following goals:

  1. Enable KNSG Application Framework to be semantically-aware
  2. Enable KNSG Application Framework to develop web applications
  3. Enable Middleware Services (PTPFlow) to support multi-users and heavy concurrent connections

Adding semantic capabilities to the framework will provide the framework with a more complete set of content management capabilities that will allow users to collate, annotate and run analytics on their datasets. The web application extension will allow users to setup, launch and monitor jobs in a web enabled environment and access their data and tools from any location.

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