This project will develop phase-by-phase curricula for cyberGIS education. Students will learn all the techniques and topics related to cyberGIS through two courses: Techniques in CyberGIS and Advanced CyberGIS. Techniques in CyberGIS is an ice-breaking course into cyberGIS and serves as the foundation for the advanced course. This course will help students gain an understanding of the basic concepts of cyberGIS and programming cyberGIS applications, including integrating different types of spatial information into web-based GIS maps. Advanced CyberGIS will expose students to the cyberGIS frontiers, such as high-performance computing (e.g., cluster computing, grid computing, and cloud computing) for big spatial data and GIScience applications, semantic web, and mobile GIS development. A variety of materials will be developed, including a list of cyberGIS topics for the two courses, textbooks, reading lists and labs that can be used for each course.