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Jie Tian

Content Title

Getting Started with CyberGIS Gateway
Content TypeLab Assignment

Part Of

Module 2: CyberGIS Platform and Software 

Learning Objectives

(for all of Module 2)

By the end of the semester, the students will be able to:

    • Appreciate the value of CyberGIS in performing computationally intensive analyses on big geospatial data.

    • Get familiarized with the CyberGIS software ecosystem and competence using the gateway and the toolkit.

    • Re-think the classic geospatial analyses in the context of cyberinfrastructure and high performance computing.

Background Knowledge

(for all of Module 2)

  • Concepts and terminology introduced in Module I
  • Basic computer literacy

Resources Needed

(for all of Module 2)

  • Linux Operating System
  • Cloudera Manager

Work Mode

(for all of Module 2) Watching the lectures and doing lab assignments

Relation to Project

(for all of Module 2) This module (estimated 20-25 hours) is designed to attract students who have taken Module I and would want to learn more practical knowledge and skills of CyberGIS.

Feedback Needed

(for all of Module 2) General feedback