CyberGIS has yet to be extensively adopted by planning practitioners and researchers. The inadequacy of education materials on urban planning applications of cyberGIS and a lack of planning professionals trained in cyberGIS are two of the main contributors to this disconnect. This project will begin to fill this gap by developing cyberGIS education materials to augment existing GIS curricula of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Two GIS courses are currently offered—UP 418: GIS for Planners and UP 519: Advanced Applications of GIS. The first course is intended for planning practitioners and introduces basic concepts and techniques of GIS widely used in urban planning practice. UP 519 is primarily focused on advanced applications of GIS for research and policy analysis in urban planning. Currently both courses are using standalone GIS software (ArcGIS, GeoDa, and R) without the tools and support to expose students to cutting-edge cyberGIS capabilities. This project will develop new lecture and lab materials for both courses. The developed education materials will be shared with the wider community of urban planning practice and research with the expectation that this will encourage further adoption of cyberGIS capabilities by planning practitioners and researchers in the United States and beyond.