ACCESS Allocations and Projects

To manage (add users, etc) a project that was awarded via ACCESS please use

Managing Your Profile

NCSA account holders can manage their profile via the following URL:

Currently users can update the following information from their profile:

  • Organization
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Primary and secondary email addresses

Secondary email addresses are useful for recovering an account or resetting a password in the case when the user loses access to their primary email account.

Reset Password

NCSA account passwords can be reset by the user via the following URL:

The user submits their NCSA username and the Identity Service will email a code to their email address listed with NCSA.  Once the user has the code, they can enter their username and the code to set a new password.

NCSA Duo multi-factor token

NCSA account holders are required to use NCSA Duo for multi-factor authentication to access NCSA resources. Please see the following URL:

for more information on managing your Duo token.

Viewing Your Group Membership

NCSA account holders can view their group membership via the following URL:

Group Management

The NCSA Group Management Tool can be found on the NCSA Internal site ( under the project management menu item.  Note that this site requires that you login with your NCSA username and Kerberos password. The first tab you see is the list of groups that you own and can edit.  If you are the PI of a NCSA project (on Delta, Radiant, Nightingale) you should find a group on that page with the appropriate resource name in the group name  This is where you can see and edit your project membership.  Please note that updates to the group membership can take up to 1 hour to propagate to the system.

Adding account holders to a group or project

To add new users to your project click on the group name and enter the name or NCSA account of the person in the field and click the add person box.  If the person doesn't have an NCSA account see the section below to learn how to invite them to create one.  In addition to the box that allows you to add members you should see a list of current project members and you can remove them by clicking the red dot to the right of their email address.

NCSA account holders can be invited to a group via the following URL for managing groups:

On that page, you need to:

  1. Select the Editable Groups tab.
  2. Select the group you want to invite a user to.
  3. Select the Invitation Info tab under the group heading.
  4. View an existing Group Invitation URL or Generate Group Invitation if it doesn't already exist.
  5. You can share the Group Invitation URL with your user(s) so that they can then:
    1. Either Login with an existing NCSA account or Register New User and Join
    2. Provide any information requested for the group you invited them to.
  6. Once the user completes the forms at the Group Invitation URL, the group's maintainers will then be notified by email to come back to this Group Management page to confirm their request to join your group.

Inviting new people to your project

If you are looking to add a person to your group and they don't have an NCSA account the process is very easy.  Click the tab on the top of your group listing which says Invitation Info.  If you have done this before you will see a URL that you can provide to new users that is a direct invite to your group.  If you have never done this you should click the "Generate Group Invitation" box on the page and a URL will be created.  With that URL any number of people can create accounts using the NCSA Identity and will be added to the list for you to approve on this page.  Note that if you generate a new URL for your project the old URL will not work any longer.

Adding a delegate to your project

The owner of a project is able to add delegates to a project to help manage adding and removing of account members. To add another person to help manage your group and group membership you need to click the box that says "View/Modify group maintainers".  Anyone you add in this maintainer set will have full permissions to manage the group membership and invites until they are removed by the group owner.

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