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NCSA offers the Duo multi-factor authentication solution as a method of protecting and securing NCSA's resources.

Duo at NCSA accounts are available to all NCSA Kerberos account holders.

Duo enrollment process


Enrollment Steps

  • Visit
  • Log in with your NCSA Kerberos username and password
    • If you experience any difficulties using the NCSA Identity and Access Management site, please contact NCSA ITS at
  • Choose Device Management Portal
  • Follow the Duo process for enrollment

Backup Codes and Tokens

Duo at NCSA provides multiple methods to recover your account if the smart phone you used to register becomes unavailable.

  • You can register a Yubico U2F token using the Duo Portal:
  • Create backup codes:
    • You can generate and save 2 non-expiring backup codes.
    • You are urged to write these down and place in a safe location or save into a password vault.
    • To use a backup code after rebuilding your (or getting a new) phone:
      • Install the DUO app on your phone
      • On a computer, go to:
        • Launch Device Management Portal
        • Click the "Enter a Passcode" button
        • Enter your backup code and then click "Login"
  • NCSA can provide a Duo hardware token:

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