June 12-13, 2014
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Center Green Conference Center, 3080 Center Green Drive, Boulder, CO
Twitter: #NDSKickoff

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Opening (Auditorium)

Start Duration
8:00amRegistration Begins, Continental Breakfast30 min
8:30Welcome (Ed, UCAR, CUBoulder)15 min

The NDS Vision  (Auditorium)

Start Duration
8:45amEd Seidel: Introduction to the NDS (slides: PPTX, PDF; video)30 min
9:15Jane Silverthorne (NSF)20 min
9:35Phil Bourne, NIH (slides: PPT, PDF; video)20 min
9:55Dean B. Krafft, Cornell (slides (PDF), video)20 min
10:15Break (Lobby)25 min
10:40IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Elsevier (slides (PDF), video)20 min

The NDS Framework (Auditorium)

Start Duration

Ed Seidel:  Introduction (video)

20 min
11:20Ian Foster: Architecture (slides: PDF, PPTX; video)20 min
11:40Bill Mischo:  Cross-disciplinary discovery (slides: PDF, PPTX; video)15 min
11:55Steve Wolff (Internet2): Connecting to universities (slides: PDF, PPTX; video)20 min
12:15Carole Palmer (UIUC/Univ. of Washington):  Cross-disciplinary Re-use (slides: PDF, PPTX; video)15 min
12:30 - 2pmLunch (Lobby)                                  90min     
Start Duration
2:00pmJoel Cutcher-Gershenfeld:  Stakeholder Alignment (slides, video)25 min

Lightning Talks (video)

  • Mark Parsons (RPI)
    Research Data Alliance: Building an international data sharing community (PDF)
  • Richard Luce (Univ. of Oklahoma)
    SHARE - Shared Access Research Ecosystem (PDF)
  • Matt Turk (NCSA)
    Individual Development Through Data (PDF)
  • William Cope (UIUC)
    Big Data Comes to School: Challenges for the Learning Sciences (slides)
25 min

Break-out Sessions

Start Duration
2:50pmCharge to Break-outs10 min
3:00Break (Lobby)30 min


  • Organizing the Consortium (Governance, roles, meetings)
  • Discovery:  Connecting mechanisms together
  • Repositories:  technologies and federation
    • Room 2126
  • Publishing:  IDs, the publishing process, role of publishers, tools
    • Room 2503
90 min
5:00Lightning Reports:  5 minutes per break-out group30 min

Dinner at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel
1345 Twenty-Eight Street


5:45pmShuttle Bus departs Center Green for Hotel

Mad Minutes: an informal chance to share in 3 minutes or less something about
      a project or an issue relevant to the NDS.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Building on Existing Communities (Auditorium)

Start Duration
8:00amContinental Breakfast30 min
8:30Bob Hanisch: Virtual Astronomical Observatory (slides: PDF, PPTX; video)   20 min
8:50Achim Strait:  Helmholtz Association (slides: PDF, PPTX; video)20 min
9:10Rachael Black and Don Middleton: EarthCube (slides: PDF, PPTX; video)20 min

NDS: A Vision for Success (Auditorium)

This will be an interactive discussion facilitated by Joel to collect input on how we make the NDS a successful reality. 

Start Duration
  9:30amPart 1 (Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld) (PDF)60 min
10:30Break (Lobby)30 min
11:00Part 230 min

Lightning Talks (video)

  • Jennifer Lin (PLOS)
    The Role of Publishers in Data Access (PDF )
  • Ken Moore (IEEE)
    Survey of IEEE Authors (slides: PDF, PPTX)
  • Dan Hall (NIMH)
    Publishing Findings in the Life Sciences (slides: PDF, PPTX)
  • Erin Robinson (Foundation for Earth Sci.)
    Making Science Data Infrastructure a First Class Citizen (slides: PDF, PPTX)
  • Cathy Davidson (Duke)
    Is All Big Data ‘Messy’?  What Questions Must Researchers
    Ask Before, During, and After Crunching the Numbers? (slides: PDF, PPTX)
  • Dane Morgan (University of Wisconsin, Madison) (slides: PDF, PPTX)
    Materials Genome Initiative and National Data Services
30 min
12:00 - 1pmLunch (Lobby)                                           60 min     


Next Steps (Auditorium)

Start Duration
1:00pmSummary and Next Steps                   45 min
1:45Wrap-up and thanks15 min
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