Post-Meeting Updates

The Detailed Agenda is now available!

Table of Contents


This workshop will take place within the Washington DC/Rockville Hilton Hotel and Executive Meeting Center (the conference hotel).  The program will take place primarily in the Plaza I+II ballroom. 

Checking In

Check-in will begin by 7:30am on Thursday, October 23.  Hot and cold breakfast will be available 7:30-8:30am on both mornings. 


The program will begin at 8:30am on Thursday and finish by 2pm on Friday.  The detailed agenda is now available; highlights include:

Keynote Speaker

Per Oster to present the EUDAT project

Refining our Vision

Invited talks include

  • Jim Warren and Bob Hanisch (NIST) on NIST, MGI and the NDS
  • Ed Seidel (NCSA) on the evolution of the NDS
  • Kathy Fontaine (Managing Director of RDA/US) on the RDA and the NDS
  • Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld (UIUC) on the shared vision of success

This session will also include open and facilitated discussion of the NDS mission.

Data Repositories and Interoperability

In this session, we want to look at issues of interoperability from the perspective of data repositories and data management systems.  We'll hear talks from and have a panel discussion with:

  • Jane Greenberg (Drexel University) on the Dryad project.
  • Eleni Costi (Harvard) on the Dataverse federated repository system
  • Charles Schmitt (RENCI) on IRODS and the DataNet Federation
  • Beth Plale (Indiana University) on services and architecture for interoperability from the RDA

Breakout Discussion

Break-out and small group discussions are planned on various topics, including

  • NDS Consortium Governance
  • Identifying fundable projects and partners
  • Architectural Issues



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