Work Completed

    • Visited Champaign on Tuesday August 23, 2011 to attend Eclipse PTP User meeting and tutorial. The tutorial session was very helpful. I successfully setup and ran a sample MPI application on Lincoln.
    • Tested REST API with test scripts , including a test script that ran eAIRS on Ranger. The next step is to re-work the Cyberintegrator eAIRS tool to use the REST service instead of the PTPFlow RMI Client
    • Continued working on monitoring UI and simulation details UI pieces. I also looked over the UIBinder/MVP tutorial links that Luigi provided.
    • Attended staff meeting

Work Planned

    • Attend Eclipse PTP User meeting on August 23, 2011
    • Work on eAIRS/PAW UI
    • Test REST API and start converting eAIRS tool to use REST API instead of RMI Client
    • Attend weekly staff meeting (10am Mondays)


This week went as planned. Next week I will continue working on the eAIRS/PAW UI pieces and update the eAIRS tool to use the REST service.