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Some researchers will want to write their own packages and leverage more of the C3 AI Suite. C3 AI allows researchers to define their own Types and methods to integrate their data into the C3 AI Suite along side the Datalake. This allows researchers to use C3 AI data analytics methods, such as timeseries metrics, just as they would on other Datalake data. Researchers will also have the ability to share their data with other researchers in the C3DTI by sharing their package. Adding another researcher's package as a dependency to your package will also bring that researcher's data into your package as well.


  • Define custom Types and integrate new data into the C3 AI Covid-19 Datalake.
  • Share data and methods through packages.


  • C3 AI environment access is required.

Getting Started

Please see the DTI Readiness checklist. If you pass the checklist, you're ready to start learning!

Training Curriculum

This C3DTI curated training curriculum gives you everything you need to create your own packages and integrate your data into the C3 AI Suite. Additionally, links to appropriate official C3 AI documentation and videos are provided throughout the C3DTI guides.

Additional Resources

Worked Examples

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