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NCSA's Director of Cybersecurity and Networking, Adam Slagell, has accepted a position at ESNet as their Chief Security Officer.

Adam joined NCSA in 2003 as a security engineer. Over the 15 years he's worked for NCSA he was promoted to numerous positions, including CISO in 2012, and Director of the Cybersecurity Division in 2015 (which later merged with the Networking Division). In his time at NCSA he served as PI and Co-PI for numerous grants, co-managed the Bro Project in collaboration with the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) at UC Berkeley, was security operations co-lead for the XSEDE federation, and led the team that created the first HIPAA enclave on the UIUC campus. Adam's contributions to NCSA and the UIUC campus have been numerous. We will miss his friendly face in the hallways, the coffee walks, and most of all his leadership. We wish him the best of luck in his new position!

Adam SlagellAdam Slagell and Amy Schuele

NCSA staff saying farewell

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