NCSA Software Meeting: Lighting Demos 2

July 11, 2014
11:30am - 1:00pm
Room 1040 
Pizza lunch provided.

In the next NCSA Software Meeting we are inviting folks to give 5 minute demonstrations of the software they are involved in developing (no slides, just interactive demos!). We'll have around ten 5 minute demos back to back
and then use any remaining time to discuss the demos and brainstorm software at NCSA.

Please sign up to give a demo of your software by editing the Wiki page at:

This page should be viewable by all NCSA employees. If you have problems viewing this page email me and we will add you manually.

If we have more proposed demos than space, we’ll have a second meeting. If you have multiple major software components to show please sign up for a demo for each component.

Also, we’ll discuss plans for continuing with the “software skills database”, results we collected at the last meeting are here

If you didn’t fill this in, please follow the instructions and add your software skills and interests.


We will be using the "Software" room on jabber during the meeting

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