“It’s my pleasure to welcome Scott Koranda back to NCSA as a part-time senior research scientist in our cyberinfrastructure security research (CISR) group,” said Jim Basney, who leads the CISR group in NCSA’s Cybersecurity Division. Scott worked at NCSA back in the late 90s as part of NCSA’s HPC consulting group, before he left NCSA to join LIGO. Since then, Scott has been a senior scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and a partner at Spherical Cow Group (SCG). Scott will continue his work with UWM and SCG while joining NCSA part-time.

Scott brings a wealth of experience and expertise to NCSA on the topic of identity and access management (IAM) for international science projects. Jim and Scott were PI and co-PI on CILogon 2.0, an NSF funded project to add the collaboration management capabilities of COmanage to NCSA’s CILogon service, resulting in an integrated IAM platform for science projects that NCSA now offers as a non-profit subscription service. Scott’s new role at NCSA enables him to devote more attention to the support and growth of the CILogon service.

“Scott is a very valuable addition to our team and really grows NCSA’s expertise in cybersecurity and identity management research,” said Alex Withers, who is NCSA’s chief information security officer and the manager of NCSA’s Cybersecurity Division. Jim added, “I met Scott back when he was at NCSA and I was a graduate student on the HTCondor project, and he’s been a valued research collaborator of mine ever since. Our ability to recruit Scott back to NCSA is a testament to our shared vision for CILogon’s growing role in meeting the IAM needs of research collaborations to enable scientific discovery."