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    • Project Description (300 word maximum): Describe the project and how the research will be conducted.

    • Budget (50 word maximum)

      • Total dollar amount requested from NCSA: How much money are you requesting from NCSA for your research?

      • Note that the CDDR program has a budget of $150,000 and will typically award 2-3 projects within that budget.

      • Other intended funding sources for project funds: please list all other projected sources of funding other than NCSA.
    • Primary Impacted Beneficiaries (150 word maximum):

      • How will this project benefit NCSA? Describe the impact this project will have at NCSA.

      • Training Opportunities: What are the potential opportunities to learn with this project?

      • Listed below are examples that the project could provide opportunities for:

        • NCSA Staff

        • UIUC Post-Docs

        • Students

    • Criteria for Success: What defines success of the project; in numbers, findings, methods, etc.

    • Buyout Time for Full CDDR Proposal Development

      • A maximum of 5% of your time for one month may be requested via your pre-proposal

      • If extra time is needed, please schedule a meeting with the Proposal Development Office


When you have completed the form, press ‘Submit’ only once. It will take time to upload the submission. *Please note* Full proposals should not be submitted until your pre-proposal form has been approved (see "Pre-Proposal" section above.)