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ISL maintains and provides access to a number of experimental systems:

System NameDescriptionHostnameStatusService datesAccess
Ac33TYAN server with Intel Westmere-EP CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla C2050 GPUsac33in service2014open
HybridSuperMicro server with Intel Haswell-EP CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUshybriddown2016restricted
Vlad-hmhigh memory server    
NanoCluster of 8 SuperMicro servers with Intel Haswell CPUs, AMD Fiji Radeon R9 Nano and NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUsnanoin service2016open
ChiefCluster of 5 Dell R730 servers with Intel Broadwell CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUschiefin service2016restricted

Cluster of 8 Dell C4130 servers with Intel Haswell CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla K40m GPUs

teslain service2017restricted
ACAC cluster     
VLAD OpenStack clusterVLAD cluster    
 Xeon Phi 5-node co-processor cluster    
 Xeon Phi 4-node processor cluster    
 Hadoop clusterobject   
 AMD ARM server    
JetsonNVIDIA Jetson TK1 cluster offline  
Jetson TX2NVIDIA Jetson TX2 clusterjetson-tx2-*in service08/2017 
 Raspberry Pi boards    
 Altera DE5 FPGA board    
pynqXILINX PYNQ-Z1pynqin service05/2017open
XilinxDevKitXilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU1500 Acceleration Development Kitiridium   
 Seagate storage    
 Ceph storage in service open

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