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ISL maintains and provides access to a number of experimental systems:

System NameDescriptionStorageNetworkingHostnameStatusService datesAccess
HALCluster of 16 IBM POWER9 nodes with 4 NVIDIA V100 GPUs per node

244 TB usable, NVME SSD-based storage by DDN

Peak system bandwidth ~100GB/s

10GbE external

Dedicated 10GbE for data transfer

dual-channel EDR IB internal

 halin service2019open
NanoCluster of 8 SuperMicro servers with Intel Haswell/Broadwell CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla P100/V100 GPUs

Local 256GB SSD per node

NFS-mounted 30TB /home (2x 6-drive RAID z2 with 4TB drives)

GlusterFS w/ 2-node fault tolerance 62TB usable

10GbE external

1GbE + IB QDR internal

nanoin service2016open
Cluster of 5 Dell R730 servers with Intel Broadwell CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs (Student Cluster Competition 2016-present) (Jump)

Local 400GB SSD per node

5x 800GB SSD in RAID 5

10GbE + IB EDR internalkingfisherin service2016restricted
KNCXeon Phi 5-node co-processor cluster

kncnot in service

KNLXeon Phi 4-node processor cluster (access via KNC)

knl*not in service

VLAD OpenStack cluster OpenStack Cloud deployment

in service

DGX A100NVIDIA DGX A10014TB RAID01GbEhal-dgxin service2021-open
Ac33TYAN server with Intel Westmere-EP CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla C2050 GPUsLocal 300GB + 1TB HDD
ac33not in service2014open
HybridSuperMicro server with Intel Haswell-EP CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla P100/V100 GPUsLocal 75GB SSD + one (3x 4TB) RAID 0 arrays10GbEhybridin service2016restricted
Vlad-hmHigh memory server with 3TB of ECC RAM

Local 3TB SSD + two (6x 1TB) RAID 0 arrays

CephFS 257TB (reported)

10GbE vlad-hmin service

AMD ARM server

not in service

Power9 server


4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 16GB

Local 2x 3.84TB SSD

Local 1.4TB NVME

1GbEp9in service
restricted to  XPACC project

FPGA dev

Altera DE5 FPGA board


XilinxDevKitXilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU1500 Acceleration Development Kit

iridiumin service
CAPI2.0 platform

Nallatech 250S+in Power9 server (hal000)

4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 16GB

Local 2x 3.84TB SSD

10GbEhal000in service2018restricted to NSF MRI project
Xilinx u250x86 server with Alveo U250 Data Center Accelerator Card and Vitis development environment

hal-fpga-x86in service2020restricted to NSF MRI project

Ceph storage


Raspberry Pi boards


JetsonNVIDIA Jetson TK1 cluster

Jetson TX2NVIDIA Jetson TX2 cluster1TB NFS-mounted /home1GbE internal & externaljetson-tx2-*offline

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