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  1. Are both single or multiple PIs allowed?
    • Yes
  2. With multiple PIs can we apply for more funding?
    • Not at this time
  3. With multiple PIs can they all become Fellows?
    1. All PIs on awarded projects become Fellows and receive a zero-percent appointment with NCSA
  4. Can you submit more than one proposal?
    • Yes, but it may appear odd to the review committee, if you do it should be very distinct ideas.
  5. How many do you plan to fund?
    • ~6 ~5-6 proposals 
  6. Can a project be submitted that is already in progress, but needs more computation or data resources?
    1. No, only new projects can be submitted
  7. Out of the $25K, what is the amount that needs to be spent on NCSA staff?
    • Typically zero, Zero - NCSA staff are expected to be covered outside of the $25K with additional program funds, or by other funding mechanisms. The $25K is all aimed at supporting NCSA Fellow costs. Proposals may request up to one month of staff time on top of the $25k budget. NCSA Staff may be covered by their existing funding as part of their normal duties, or up to $10K in funding may be requested to support staff time.
  8. Are you accepting proposals from other UI campuses?
    • At this time we are not accepting proposals from other UI campuses, however, this is something we will consider for the future.
  9. Can I apply to the Fellows program if I have already been awarded a fellowship in the past?
    1. Yes, however, the proposed project should be new.