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# check the exact name of the bitfile, e.g., 
sudo oc-flash-script hardware/build/Images/oc_2023_0202_1645_25G_hls_helloworld_1024_noSDRAM_OC-AD9H335_1_primary.bin hardware/build/Images/oc_2023_0202_1645_25G_hls_helloworld_1024_noSDRAM_OC-AD9H335_1_secondary.bin

sudo ./actions/hls_helloworld_1024/tests/  


the card is not flushed for the first time with the appropriate OpenCAPI bitfile, therefore oc-flash-script fails. This is still need to be fixedNote that sudo is required for working with the card. Need to ask Yan to either add relevant users to sudoers, or to enable execution of specific tools with su privileges