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Work Completed

    • Worked on job monitoring UI. I reviewed the cell widgets that Luigi suggested for the search simulation mockup and determined that cell widgets would also be a good fit for the job monitoring UI. I updated the WorkflowService API for requesting workflows from Tupelo so that I could retrieve WorkflowBeans through an API call and have the Job monitoring page update the status of the job with simple paging (only displays 10 rows at a time). We can tweak this later if we would prefer more to display. More work needs to be done so we can (for example) only show the users jobs/workflows.
    • Tested the updated REGEX provided by Jong for our job submissions
    • Discussed org.apache.commons and removing that dependency from the Gondola code. That plugin wraps multiple apache libraries, which is not good practice and can cause runtime errors if something else loads one of the libraries that is bundled.
    • Worked with Jong on exporting the Gondola product for multiple platforms.
    • Luigi helped me with some issues I was having with the generated Async not getting updated by using Maven > Clean. This cleared up some issues I was having with building some of the Aysnc methods I needed for my job monitoring UI.

Work Planned

    • Work on the workflow monitoring UI for eAIRS and possibly the simulation search UI mocked up on slide 15 of the eAIRS mockup
    • Work on other parts of eAIRS as required (e.g. Gondola)
    • Attend KISTI staff meeting (Mondays, 10am)


This week went as planned. I took a half day on Friday October 7th.