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How to compile and run an example code

Copy example to your user space

Code Block
cp -r /opt/xilinx/Vitis/2020.2/examples .
# replace “XDEVICE=xilinx_u200_xdma_201920_1” with “XDEVICE=xilinx_u250_xdma_201830_2” in examples/vadd/

Compile it

Code Block
scl enable devtoolset-9 bash
source /opt/xilinx/Vitis/2020.2/
# go to your examples/vadd/ 
make -f host
make -f xbin_hw  # this will take a few hours to complete

Run it

Code Block
source /opt/xilinx/xrt/
./vadd bin_vadd_hw.xclbin

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