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Full access to the Datalake offers access to all stored COVID-19 Datalake data while still allowing the researcher to use whatever
analysis framework they so choose with their own compute resources. This level offers the fastest startup time while still ensuring
access to all data. Once you learn how to query data in C3, that data can be streamed to your compute resources where you can
use your language and tools of choice.

Level 3: Define and use C3 Types to Integrate Data into C3 (In Progress)

Some researchers will want to write their own C3 package and leverage more of the AI Suite. C3 allows researchers to
define their own types and methods to integrate their data into the C3 AI Suite – either independently or alongside the COVID-19
Datalake. This allows researchers to use C3 data analytics methods such as timeseries metrics just as they would on other
Datalake data. Researchers will also have the ability to share their data with other researchers in the DTI by sharing their package.
Adding another researcher's package as a dependency to your package will also bring another researcher's data into
your package as well.

Level 4: Advanced C3 Platform Usage (In Progress)

Some researchers will want to bring state-of-the-art ML workflows to can support such workflows, but
extra work may be needed.


  1. Determine which researchers will require access to a environment
  2. Each researcher will be given a developer portal login.
  3. Each researcher will be given a tag on the DTI training cluster.
  4. Once training is complete, discuss with the DTI team what your needs
    for a cluster will be.
  5. The DTI will work with to stand up a new tag for your research.
  6. Access to that tag will be granted to your researchers
  7. Research can then proceed until your allocation is exhausted!

Essential Concepts


... Allocation Management (PLANNED)

This section introduces How researchers will be expected to manage their allocation while on the platform.