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... is a data analytics engine designed to make the ingestion and analysis of heterogeneous data sources as sources
as painless as possible. The platform joins data from multiple sources into a single unified federated data image.
With the federated data image defined, then provides an API to access that data, and in the case of time-series data,
perform numerous transformations and computations all producing normalized time-series data at regular intervals. also supports R and Python Jupyter notebook analysis of the federated data image. These notebooks provide a great a
great way for researchers to analyze data close to where the data is stored. While supports many data science
capabilities familiar to the researcher, some expected functionality may be missing. For these cases, supports implementing supports
implementing new data processing functions in python and javascript.

Like any other API porting your own workflows will take some care and time to learn properly. Please leverage this guide to guide
to make understanding the platform and porting your workflow as quick and easy as possible.