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Please leverage this guide to make porting your

Services available from C3

  • Covid-19 Datalake: This unified federated Datalake includes data from numerous sources.
  • C3 computing platform:

How does C3 differ from traditional HPC systems?


  • General binary executables are not supported by C3 out of the box.
  • MPI-based python software
  • Packages which must be built from scratch on the platform, or require specific hardware drivers
  • Python modules which require special built binaries may not run as well.

How do I get started?

Use this guide to determine which training resources you need to utilize C3's resources effectively.

Level 1:


Use COVID-19 Datalake Only

this is a test COVID-19 API Documentation asfda

Level 2: GUI based data analysis


on C3

Level 3: Utilize C3 AI Suite and Jupyter notebook analysis

Level 4: State-of-the-art ML workflows requiring special ML models and/or GPUs

Accessing C3

Essential Concepts

C3 is quite different from traditional HPC resources.


Machine Learning Pipelines


How research workflows map onto C3

Here, we provide several examples of scientific workflows and how they can be efficiently mapped onto the C3 system.

Example 1

Example 2


Help! This guide


doesn't solve my problem!

No problem! You're not alone! Please send an email to with a description of your issue
and one of our team will work with you to resolve your issue.