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The CyberSecurity & Networking Division at NCSA is composed of researchers, developers, and specialists who work to advance the state of the art of cybersecurity and networking, apply those advances to key science and engineering user communities, and protect provide for the high-performance and security of NCSA's networks and substantial computing resources.

Our Mission

We are community-driven cybersecurity and networking experts who enable security and high-performance solutions for the cyberinfrastructure of our national science and engineering research communities. We are dedicated to:

  • ensuring the integrity and availability of NCSA digital assets
  • providing high-performance and highly available networks
  • advancing applied cybersecurity and networking research and anticipating future security trends and threats
  • building a more secure national cyberinfrastructure for our communities with other builders and operators by providing software, operational services, and training with expertise in
    • Identity Management
    • High-performance Network Security Monitoring
    • Outreach, Awareness & Training
    • Networking
    • Situational awareness and monitoring for security and resilience
    • Identity Management
    • Security Operations for an HPC Environment

Security at NCSA

NCSA has been researching, developing, and deploying cybersecurity and networking solutions for two decades. Find out more about the CyberSecurity & Networking Division and our software & projects.

Networking at NCSA

The NCSA Network Engineering team (“NetEng”) designs, builds, and supports network infrastructure to advance science by meeting the needs of NCSA’s high-performance systems, its national user community, staff, and partners. We emphasize reliability and performance while acting as an early adopter of new technologies.  Find out more about the CyberSecurity & Networking Division and our software & projects.


For more information, contact Adam Slagell (slagell (at) illinois. (dot) edu), Cybersecurity & Networking Director.

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