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C3 AI Integrated Development Studio (IDS) is a low-code/no-code environment for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications. C3 AI IDS provides data ingestion, data modeling, machine learning feature engineering and model lifecycle management, and a metadata-driven UI development tool. C3 AI IDS allows developers and data scientists to focus on solving business problems by providing an integrated environment that abstracts routine and complex application development tasks.

This is a specific task oriented demo/example for Data Integration on C3 IDS. If you are looking for more detailed guidebook, please visit C3 IDS Documentation.

How to integrate Kaggle Diamond CSV Dataset into the C3 AI Suite using C3 IDS (Step by Step)?


Step 1: Creating an Application on IDS

(If you already have an application on IDS, you can skip this step)

First, go to the IDS Develop section and click "My Apps and Packages".