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NCSA systems that rely on IGTF CAs (e.g., the InCommon IGTF Server CA, the NCSA MyProxy CA, and/or the NCSA Two Factor CA) should be configured as follows.


Feb 12 2020: The old COMODO RSA CA certificate used by the InCommon IGTF Server CA expires on May 30 2020, and both the XSEDE and IGTF packages have been updated to include the new COMODO RSA CA certificate. To avoid compatibility problems, please make sure your CA installation is being kept up-to-date.

CA Packages (Recommended)

To keep up-to-date with current IGTF CA configurations, NCSA systems should have one of the following packages installed and regularly updated:

Manual Configuration (Not Recommended)

In case the above CA packages are not suitable for your system, please contact for assistance.

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