Blog from October, 2021

NCSA staff members and affiliates will again be participating in the NSF Cybersecurity Summit this year.

The 2021 Summit Program includes presentations by the following NCSA people (names in bold):

  • Finding the sweet spot: How much security is needed for NSF projects? (Panelists: Rebecca L. Keiser, Alex Withers, Pamela Nigro, Everly Health | Moderator: Anita Nikolich)

  • SciAuth: Deploying Interoperable and Usable Authorization Tokens to Enable Scientific Collaborations (Jim Basney, Brian Bockelman, Derek Weitzel)

  • Observations on Software Assurance in Scientific Computing (Andrew Adams, Kay Avila, Elisa Heymann, Sean Peisert)

  • Ransomware Honeypot (Phuong Cao

NCSA's Jim Basney is also co-organizing two co-located workshops at the Summit

NCSA's John Zage will again be contributing to the Summit report, which is published after the event. Last year's report is published at