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Jie Tian

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Module 1 - 2. Introduction to Cloud Computing
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Module 1: Fundamentals of CyberGIS  

Learning Objectives

(for all of Module 1)

By the end of the semester, the students will be able to

    • Understand the important concepts and principles used in the Cyberinfrastructure and CyberGIS research communities.

    • Have a relatively comprehensive overview of the CyberGIS framework with all the key elements and their structuring.

    • Widen their vision of GIS in the emerging paradigm of big data driven research.

Background Knowledge

(for all of Module 1) Basic concepts and terminology of GIS and computing (e.g. data processing, programming, algorithm)

Resources Needed

(for all of Module 1) Theoretical module; no requirement on hardware or software

Work Mode

(for all of Module 1) Watching the lectures in person and reading assigned articles

Relation to Project

(for all of Module 1) This module is designed to lay the basic theoretical foundation for CyberGIS as a scientific discipline and to prepare students for more advanced topics such as High Performance Geocomputing.

Feedback Needed

(for all of Module 1) General feedback