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Are you an Illinois researcher looking for access to compute or support resources? We have great news — there is now an easy and free way to get access to computing and support resources on campus, through the Illinois Research Computing and Data effort.  Connect with us to get started! For more information, see our Illinois Computes page.


Welcome to the NCSA Research Consulting Support wiki page.  Research Consulting supports users of resources located at NCSA and elsewhere. NCSA training and consultations ensures the most effective use of our many resources. Our experts stand ready to assist on all things technical.  Explore resource documentation, opportunities for technical consulting, and a variety of training sessions below.

NCSA's Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year:

For information on getting access to NCSA systems, visit the NCSA Allocations wiki page.

Resource Documentation

Review resource details, user guides, status updates and more:

Technical Consulting

If you can’t find help in your resource documentation, request assistance by reaching out to our experts. Examples of topics for collaborative support include performance analysis, software optimization, efficient use of accelerators, I/O optimization, data analytics, visualization, use of research computing resources by science gateways and workflows.


NCSA training ensures the most effective use of our many resources.

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