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Delta Illinois Allocation award announcements will be made in the end of January

Types of Delta Allocations

Allocation Type

Portion of Delta Allocated




Open continuously - See Get Started with ACCESS Allocations for more details.



Biannual allocation period - Open to proposals from University of Illinois faculty and staff researchers.



Open continuously - Innovative/Exploratory allocations awarded at the PI's discretion.  




Science Gateways


For integrating/partnering Delta science gateways (most gateway allocations will go through ACCESS)

Data Science


Data Science research projects

Delta - ACCESS Allocations

90% of the Delta system is allocated through the ACCESS program.

To get started with ACCESS allocations, see the Get Started ACCESS Allocations page on the ACCESS website.

ACCESS resources are allocated on an ongoing basis through Explore, Discover, and Accelerate allocations, and periodically through Maximize allocations.

Delta - Illinois Allocations

5% of the Delta system is awarded by the Illinois Resource Allocation Committee to UIUC faculty and staff researchers during biannual allocation periods.

Illinois allocations are awarded for one year from the project start date. 

A project proposal should be 4-6 pages (excluding references), and contain the following:

  1. Name(s) of Illinois PI and Co-PIs and if applicable, name(s) of collaborators and their institutions.
  2. Project Abstract
  3. Project Overview (General proposals only)
  4. Target Problem
  5. Description of Code(s)
  6. Experience, Readiness, Usage Plans and Funding Source(s)
  7. Resources Required
  8. Requested Start Date and Duration
  9. References

For information about what to include in your Delta Illinois proposal, see the Delta Illinois Proposal Guidelines and Recommendations.

To submit a proposal during a Delta Illinois Allocation period, follow the instructions for Requesting a "New" Delta Allocation, listed below.

Delta Illinois Allocation Period

Open Submission Dates

Award Announcement

Fall 2022

9/15/22 - 10/31/22Late January
Spring 2023Coming soon!Coming soon!

Delta - Discretionary Allocations

2% of the Delta system is awarded at the PI's discretion for innovative/exploratory research projects.  Calls for proposals occur periodically at the PI's discretion.

To get started with Discretionary allocations, follow the instructions for Requesting a "New" Delta Allocation, listed below.

Delta - Science Gateway Allocations

1% of the Delta system is awarded for Delta Science Gateways projects in partnership with the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI).  Calls for proposals occur annually.

A Delta Science Gateways proposal (up to 2 pages, not including references) should describe:

  1. Research Description 
  2. Educational goals and objectives of the community
  3. The demographics of the community (number of participants, geographic coverage, etc)
  4. A description of the codes or applications to be implemented as tools in the gateway, along with statements on level-of-readiness and whether it is already GPU-enabled,
  5. Anticipated usage in terms of job size, duration, etc.
  6. Community development and engagement model

To get started with Science Gateway allocations, follow the instructions for Requesting a "New" Delta Allocation, listed below.

Requesting a "New" Delta Allocation

If you do not already have an NCSA account, create an NCSA Kerberos account at this link.  *Account creation may take up to 24 hours once requested, please plan accordingly.


Select the appropriate Delta opportunity for your request:

    • "Start a New Delta Illinois Submission.
    • "Start a New Delta Discretionary Submission.
    • "Start a New Delta Science Gateways Submission.

Complete your request by providing the data requested by the form:

  1. Select “New” request.

  2. Add a title and abstract for your submission.

  3. Select the relevant fields of science.

  4. A University Faculty or Staff researcher must be designated as the Principal Investigator (PI) for the request. Other individuals can be added as co-PIs or Users (but they must have NCSA Kerberos accounts).

  5. Enter any supporting agency awards, as applicable.  This is not required, but may assist the review committee in evaluating the proposals.

  6. Under Available Resources, select the appropriate resources and indicate the requested amount of each.

  7. In the Documents section, select "Add Document" and upload any supporting documents.
    1. Only PDF files can be accepted.
    2. If you do not wish to submit any supporting documents: Select the orange "Remove" button and any documents indicated as required (*with a red asterisk) will no longer be required for form submission.

  8. At the bottom of the page, select "Submit." If necessary, correct any errors and submit the request again.

Requesting an "Extension" or "Supplement" for an existing Delta allocation

  1. Select the "My Allocation Requests" link (see images to the right).

  2. Find the project you would like to request an extension or supplement for in the "List of NCSA Allocation Requests" table.  Using the dropdown menu next to that request, select Extension or Supplement.

  3. Fill out the resulting form to request an Extension or a Supplement

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