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As part of standard operations Radiant will have two preventative maintenance (PMs) each year.  These will be planned for times when main semesters are not in session at the University.  Expect that each year in May and December that updates and upgrades will happen.  All PMs will be announced to all users with at least 2 weeks notice and enough information to be clear about the impact.

In addition to the standard PMs, Radiant may take outages of the interactive interfaces no more than once a month for up to 4 hours.  This will not impact any running instances or sites, but will not allow users the ability to edit their instances or admin via the web or API interfaces to Radiant.  These outages will be announced to all users via email with at least 1 week notice and any information about the impact.

In addition, all changes and impact will be tracked on this page for transparency of the process.

Status information will also be posted on the NCSA Status page.


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