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NCSA Group Management Tool

The NCSA Group Management Tool can be found on the NCSA Internal site ( under the project management menu item.  Note that this site requires that you login with your NCSA username and Kerberos password.  This would be the same one you use to setup your account on Radiant and login to the Radiant management site.  Note that the first tab you see is the lists of groups that you own and can edit.  If you are the PI of a Radiant project you should find a group on that page called Radiant_[project accounting code].  This group is the place you can see and edit your project membership.  Please note that updates to the group membership can take up to 1 hour to propagate to the system.

Adding and removing users from your project

To add new users to your project click on the group name and enter the name or NCSA account of the person in the field and click the add person box.  If the person doesn't have an NCSA account see the section below to learn how to invite them to create one.  In addition to the box that allows you to add members you should see a list of current project members and you can remove them by clicking the red dot to the right of their email address.

Adding a delegate to your project

To add another person to help manage your group and group membership you need to click the box that says "View/Modify group maintainers".  Anyone you add in this maintainer set will have full permissions to manage the group membership and invites until they are removed by the group owner.

Inviting new people to your project

If you are looking to add a person to your group and they don't have an NCSA account the process is very easy.  Click the tab on the top of your group listing which says Invitation Info.  If you have done this before you will see a URL that you can provide to new users that is a direct invite to your group.  If you have never done this you should click the "Generate Group Invitation" box on the page and a URL will be created.  With that URL any number of people can create accounts using the NCSA Identity and will be added to the list for you to approve on this page.  Note that if you generate a new URL for your project the old URL will not work any longer.

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