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To put in a ticket for Radiant help please use the email  If you are already using the NCSA Jira system you will need to be clear that the problem is for Radiant and put the ticket into the help+service project on the system.  It is very helpful when you are putting in tickets to include your project name and any specific instance IDs that relate to you problem.  With those items the admins can help you more quickly.  Please note that Radiant admins will assist with any Openstack or Radiant problems, but may not be able to provide system administration advice or assistance.


If the Radiant system isn't working or something has broken during off hours and you need help more quickly please contact the NCSA help desk at or 217-244-0710.  Note that they will call an admin on weekends and after hours only for problems that affect the system as a whole.  If only a single instance or a single machine are down that will wait until the normal 8-5 support on business days.

Openstack Documentation

NCSA Radiant is a standard openstack environment and if you are stuck on something there are many resources available to you on the internet to solve your issues.  If you need help look to some of the links on the parent page to this and they might point you in the correct direction.

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