Proposal Development

Our core services include: 

  • Preparing planning documents & timelines
  • Developing detailed budgets & coordinating cost-share
  • Managing supplemental documents, including biosketches, disclosures, and required plans
  • Reviewing proposals for compliance
  • Working with collaborators and sub-awardees to obtain supporting documents
  • Submitting your proposal to campus and funders

We also provide these services upon request: 

  • Pre-Submission Review: Ensuring your proposal is well-written, organized, and meets the criteria of the solicitation
  • Document Creation: Assisting with the development of supplemental documents, including templates and boilerplate language
  • Writing Support: Drafting of non-technical sections and text-editing of full proposals

Biosketch / SciENcv / ORCID Updates

Want help updating/managing your ORCID and SciENcv accounts? Ask the PDO for help.

Research Development

Our core services include: 

  • Catalyzing multidisciplinary research initiatives
  • Tracking institutional research priorities and areas of expertise
  • Fostering strategic growth from small to large funded projects
  • Identifying and disseminating funding opportunities
  • Facilitating matches between potential research partners and collaborators
  • Offering research-related workshops and webinars


The PDO also offers a variety of informational resources and learning opportunities. 

Check out our website for upcoming workshops. 

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