On Friday, January 13th from 10:00am to 10:05am all Nebula access will be unavailable for maintenance.

We will work on:

  • Software and security updates
  • Replacing the network node hardware to give provide network redundancy and doubled bandwidth

This email was sent to nebula-announce on Jan 6th at 10pm:

   Nebula will have a brief network outage starting at 10AM on Friday,          
   January 13th in order to upgrade its network hardware. The upgrade will      
   install new hardware and software and will double the bandwidth to           
   Before the outage the new hardware will already be configured and            
   connected to the network so the interruption should be brief, hopefully      
   about 5 minutes.                                                             

   During the outage your instances will continue to run but no network         
   traffic will be sent over the public network interface. The private          
   network between instances will not be impacted. If you are mounting          
   file systems outside of Nebula over the public interface it is               
   recommended that you unmount them before the outage. The Openstack web       
   portal (Horizon) and API calls to OpenStack will be unavailable during       
   the outage.                  



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